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Glass Stabilizer - The Dow Chemical Co. - Facility Management Product Release

The Dow Chemical Co.
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Broken Glass Stabilizer from Dow is proprietary polymeric foam used to stabilize broken glass and initially developed for hurricane-prone areas. The foam agent provides users with a water-resistant and weather-tight, impact-resistant seal that secures glass in seconds, helps reduce the risk of injury and time-consuming glass clean-up, and provides a more cost-effective option than plywood fabrication.

The kits come in two sizes: The BGS-240 kit yields 240 sq. ft. of coverage at a half-inch thickness. The BGS-24 Kit yields 24 square feet of coverage at a half-inch thickness. Both kits come with a selection of spray nozzles. The two primary chemicals in the kit come in separate pressurized containers that are inserted by the user into the holsters of a specialized mixing gun. When sprayed with the mixing gun, the materials from the two containers combine to produce a highly adhesive, yellowish foam.


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posted: 10/9/2007