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Geothermal Unit Ventilators - McQuay International - Facility Management Product Release

Geothermal Unit Ventilators: McQuay International

McQuay International
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AAF-HermanNelson unit ventilators use geothermal water source heat pumps. Installing water-source unit ventilators entails no additional design requirements. Units match the size of previous generation AAF-HermanNelson unit ventilators. Existing water piping can be used for the water loop. In addition, water-source heat pump units can provide both heating and cooling using existing hot water piping. Units are of institution grade construction.

The unit ventilators use GentleFlo air moving technology. Fan wheels are large, wide and rotate at a low speed to reduce fan sound levels. Offset, aerodynamic fan wheel blades are designed to move air efficiently. Precision tolerances help reduce flow and pressure turbulence, resulting in lower sound levels. Fan housings incorporate logarithmic expansion technology for smoother, quieter air flow. Coil configuration improves airflow, allowing lower fan speeds and very quiet operation. A large, expanded discharge opening minimizes air resistance, further lowering sound levels. Modular fan construction contributes to equal outlet velocities and promotes quiet operation. Fan shafts are of ground and polished steel to minimize deflections. Fan assemblies are balanced before unit assembly, then tested after assembly (and rebalanced if necessary) to provide stable, quiet operation.

Units have MicroTech II controls with Open Choices feature for integration into the building automation system.


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posted: 3/14/2007