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Gas Analyzer - Fieldpiece Instruments - Facility Management Product Release

Fieldpiece Instruments
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The AOX2 oxygen and carbon dioxide combustion check accessory head is designed for combustion testing and displays flue gas O2, temperature and CO2 measurements. It comes with a thermocouple and an aspirator pump with water trap. Users can hold measurements in memory by using the hold or min/max function on a stick meter or electronic handle. Users can download measurements from the unit to a computer from the Fieldpiece DL2 data logger.

The unit’s accessory head works for gas and oil fuel types. It measures the percent of oxygen and calculates the resulting carbon dioxide present during combustion by inserting the included AOXP2 pump and ATBF1 high-temperature thermocouple into the flue.

The accessory head works with all of Fieldpiece's modular instruments and multimeters, or other DMMs, with mVDC ranges of 200 or higher and industry standard lead jacks. Technicians can use the head with the data logger to record measurements and calculations.

The included ATBF1 thermocouple takes temperature readings up to 900 degrees and comes with clips to attach to the pump probe. The AOXP2 stack pump and water trap, with replacement O-ring and filters help ensure consistent and reliable O2 measurements by protecting the sensor from moisture and contaminants.


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posted: 11/28/2006