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Flashing Membrane Can Be Roller Applied - PROSOCO - Facility Management Product Release

Flashing Membrane Can Be Roller Applied: PROSOCO

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R-Guard FastFlash fluid-applied flashing membrane is available in a roller-grade version. The product features all the same performance characteristics as the original, gun-grade version of FastFlash, but with properties that are ideal for roller-grade applications.

Roller-grade FastFlash is available in 2-gallon pails, while the standard gun-grade FastFlash is sold in sausages and cartridges. No changes have been made to the original, gun-grade formula.

In addition to only being available in 2-gallon pails, the roller-grade version of FastFlash will also be distinguishable by the label, which will be clearly marked, "Roller-Grade."


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posted: 3/28/2017