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Fire–Tube Boiler Offers High Rate of Efficiency - Lochinvar - Facility Management Product Release

Fire–Tube Boiler Offers High Rate of Efficiency: Lochinvar

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With five models ranging from 399,999 to 850,000 Btu/hr, the FTXL Boiler from Lochinvar represents a new generation of fire-tube technology, delivering up to 10:1 turndown and up to 98 percent Thermal Efficiency – higher than any other boiler in its class. Enabled for Con·X·Us remote connectivity, the FTXL Boiler offers complete control from across town or across the country.

The FTXL Boiler is equipped with Lochinvar’s most advanced, all-in-one Smart System control technology. With a redesigned multi-color LCD interface and a wealth of new control features, the state-of-the-art operating system offers the option of direct integration into a Building Automation System through communication protocols such as Modbus or BACnet.

The new Con·X·Us remote connectivity option redefines monitoring by simplifying data acquisition and providing remote diagnostics. Status alerts can be sent to a smart device, and the user can monitor and re-program control parameters from almost anywhere.

Further expanding upon the Smart System functionality, the new Loch-N-Link programming feature allows the user to load proven parameters onto a USB drive and plug the drive into a port on the front panel of the boiler to upload them to the operating system. This shortcut can reduce installation and programming time by up to 30 minutes per boiler.

With Smart System’s built-in cascading sequencer, up to eight FTXL units can operate efficiently with total inputs of up to 6.8 million Btu/hr. To protect the system from downtime, cascade redundancy allows for the second boiler to take the lead if the first boiler in the sequence becomes non-operational.

The FTXL Boiler is designed for maximum space efficiency and flexible placement in the mechanical room. Each model in the line features zero clearance on both sides and the same installed footprint of 6.2 square feet, which is 20-30 percent smaller than competitive boilers. The boiler allows for direct-venting up to 100 feet, using inexpensive PVC, as well as CPVC, polypropylene or stainless steel pipe. Multiple FTXL units can also be common-vented, which reduces installation time and materials cost.

In addition, the water, gas and venting connections are located on the back of the boiler for easy access. Adding to the convenience, the boiler’s hinged top puts all other components and electrical connections in quick reach for simplified service.

“With the introduction of the FTXL Boiler, we continue to redefine the fire tube boiler category,” says Jeff Vallett II, segment market manager for Lochinvar. “We designed the FTXL line to deliver best-in class AHRI thermal efficiency and footprints, more sophisticated Smart System functionality than ever before, plus the convenience of remote connectivity to simplify and streamline operations for our customers.”


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posted: 1/29/2016