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Fire Pump Flow Meter - Preso Meters - Facility Management Product Release

Fire Pump Flow Meter: Preso Meters

Preso Meters
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The company’s fire pump flow meter systems can be used instead of the typical hose valve header and hose method. Flow monitoring is achieved by allowing the user to read the water flow directly in GPM or LPS. Three different systems – the PFA Ellipse, PFV Venturi and PFB Annular pitot tube - are available for pipe sizes 2 inches to 16 inches. Each system includes a direct-readout gage with a dial featuring a 270-degree arc. The brass gages are protected against overload with a diaphragm housing design. When the pressure difference exceeds the range, the gage will accept the accidental application of up to 60 PSIG without damage. Under normal conditions, the differential pressure should not exceed the range of the gage.


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posted: 2/15/2007