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Fault Detection and Diagnostics Interface - Reliable Controls - Facility Management Product Release

Reliable Controls
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RC-GrafxSet 3.4 supports Integrated Fault Detection and Diagnostic (IFDD) FlexTiles.

RC-GrafxSet is a full-featured, easy to use, non-proprietary, online graphical images and software service. It allows users to generate professional 2D and 3D System Group graphics. IFDD FlexTiles are an addition to RC-GrafxSet, allowing for the creation of simple, intuitive, and flexible interfaces for Fault Detection and Diagnostic (FDD) applications. IFDD FlexTiles must be used with Reliable Controls controllers that support System Groups which can be Enhanced, and with RC-Studio version 3.4.2 or higher.

FDD strategies are comprised of two complementary components: detection and diagnostics. Fault detection methods are intended to automatically detect common mechanical faults and control errors that can result in sub-optimal performance and be predictive of occupant discomfort and equipment failures. Fault detection is often performed using one, or a combination, of techniques, including rules-based fault detection, performance-based fault detection, system-based fault detection, and value-based fault detection.

Monitoring the system in real time, as an inherent component of the sequence of operation, provides a solution that is both scalable and that provides the operator with immediate notification of poor performance, improving the likelihood of proactively identifying the root cause and resolving the fault.

IFDD FlexTiles can be used to develop a simple, flexible, and sustainable fault detection and diagnostic solution within the MACH-System without the need for third-party software or third-party services.


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posted: 5/18/2018