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Excavator - Kubota Tractor Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Excavator: Kubota Tractor Corp.

Kubota Tractor Corp.
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The KX080-3 eight-ton, tight-tailswing excavator features a direct-injection diesel engine can drive 14,660 pounds of bucket force and 8,554 pounds of arm crowd force. It automatically downshifts into low when the operator makes turns, moves the unit on soft earth or uses it in heavy-duty situations. The three-pump, load-sensing hydraulic system enables users to perform simultaneous operations, such as dozing and using front attachments, without losing speed. Twin auxiliary-service ports offer a hydraulic-flow rate up to 26 gallons per minute.

It has a contoured tight-tailswing design with a 14.17-inch rear overhang. It also features extended dumping height and digging-depth range, a swing boom, and large bucket and dozer-blade capacity.

Its enclosed air-conditioned and heated cab features an external air vent for fresh air and an openable front window. It has a reclining, high-back, cloth, suspension seat. The Intelligent Control System LCD control panel provides a digital display of diagnostic readings and routine maintenance alerts.

Window-guard hardware on its outside frame enables attachment of a front-window protective cover to safeguard the operator and shield the window glass. The anti-theft system allows only registered keys to crank the engine, with attempts to use other keys disabling the machine and sounding an alarm.


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posted: 2/9/2007