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Electric Utility Vehicle Helps Reduce Cost of Ownership for Grounds Managers - Polaris Industries Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Electric Utility Vehicle Helps Reduce Cost of Ownership for Grounds Managers: Polaris Industries Inc.

Polaris Industries Inc.
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The new Polaris GEM, a low-speed electric vehicle, fills the gap between golf-cart-type vehicles on the one hand, and trucks or vans on the other. Compared to carts, says John Stockman, director, GEM, the new vehicle is “built to be safer but also more comfortable for workers and guests.” At the same time, the new zero-emissions GEM is more maneuverable, cost-efficient and sustainable than a van or truck. The cost of ownership is 3 cents per mile, says Stockman.

The new GEM was “purpose built to work for facilities,” says Stockman.

GEM features an aluminum chassis that passes SAE roof-crush-test standards, front-wheel disc brakes, an automotive-style suspension and a variety of maintenance-free battery options. It offers a spacious interior with a compact footprint and quiet electric power for low-cost, low maintenance operation.

Safety features include high-back forward-facing seats, 3-point seat belts, an automotive glass windshield, and LED signal lights. With a maximum speed of 25 mph, GEM vehicles are legal to drive on streets in most states and provinces, typically on roads marked up to 35 mph. The optional RiderX™ app provides free access to maps of nearby residential roads, helping plan trips as well as track vehicle performance.

The new GEMs include Smart Power, which matches the power to the task, combining an efficient electrical system and a right-sized motor, with the ability to choose the best combination of battery and charge options. In addition to more traditional battery options, GEM is the first vehicle in the industry to offer a warranty-backed Li-Ion battery. Not only does Li-Ion dramatically improve the distances you can cover — up to three times the range — you can also expect two-to-three-times the battery cycles.

Factory-installed and warranty backed options include windshield defrost, electronic power steering, integrated doors and a full range of rear carrier options. The GEM eL XD is the first vehicle of its kind to offer a recessed bed option to lower loading height and maximize hauling capability. The new GEM has he ability to haul over 1,400 pounds, and a wide variety of accessories is available.

GEM is the market leader in the electric low-speed vehicle (LSV) industry and has sold more than 50,000 vehicles worldwide. GEM vehicles have been driven more than 450 million miles, saving almost 20 million gallons of gasoline.


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posted: 11/30/2015