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Eavesdropping Protection - Dynasound Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Eavesdropping Protection: Dynasound Inc.

Dynasound Inc.
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The DS2500 Soundmasker is designed to protect windows, walls and doors against human, laser and parabolic microphone eavesdropping by applying full bandwidth soundmasking to the applied surface. The unit may be attached to the interior side of any window, even if there a layer of window tinting or film exists between the device and the window. It may be applied to the surface of a door, regardless of construction or finish. It may also be applied to a wall. In all applications, the integrity of the surface remains intact.

The product is driven from a standard 70-volt distributed output and does not require a separate transformer. The device accepts a mix of soundmasking, music, and misinformation signals and can be used with standard or security-rated soundmasking equipment. When controlled by the company’s DS102 series security generators and amplifiers, it protects against sophisticated signal recovery techniques designed to capture conversations buried within the soundmasking signal.

The device measures 3-by-2 7/16-by-1 9/16 inches and is available in beige or black.


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posted: 11/17/2006