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Diesel Mowers Reduce Fuel Costs Significantly - Grasshopper Co. - Facility Management Product Release

Diesel Mowers Reduce Fuel Costs Significantly: Grasshopper Co.

Grasshopper Co.
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As fuel prices at the pumps reach record highs, Tier 4Final-compliant Grasshopper MaxTorque clean diesel mowers offer double the fuel economy and can reduce fuel costs by nearly 50 percent compared to gasoline- and propane-powered mowers.

The superior fuel efficiency of clean MaxTorque diesel mowers also reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, according to test data from the California Air Resources Board.

Additional benefits of MaxTorque diesel that contribute to sustainability include a range of year-round implements, capable of replacing stand-alone equipment, further reducing fuel costs and emissions, and longer engine life, reducing the need for new equipment over time, easing demand for raw materials and strain on the environment.

The MaxTorque clean diesel engines used in the MidMount 325D and and the FrontMount 725DT mowers produce lower emissions while providing greater fuel economy that helps stretch a facilities manager's budget. Our diesel mowers use on average 1.0 gph while similarly powered gasoline engines burn gas at 1.65 gph and propane at 1.80 gph.

The MaxTorque diesel engine also produces more torque than comparable gasoline or propane models. This is very important because more torque means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the blade tip speed at optimum rates. The benefit of this is being able to mow faster than the other mowers while delivering a manicured cut. So productivity is maximized with a diesel mower.


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posted: 8/9/2016