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Debris Screens - Delta Scientific - Facility Management Product Release

Delta Scientific
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Debris screens for the company’s DSC501 and DSC2000 Shallow Foundation Phalanx Barrier Systems reduce visual and physical access to the intra-barrier area for security and safety purposes. Screens deflect explosives, such as hand grenades, from being thrown inside the barricade. The debris screens were tested to over 10,000 cycles with no measurable damage or wear. Screens can be deployed with factory-prepared DSC501 or DSC2000 barriers or retrofitted to any existing DSC501 or DSC2000 barrier already installed.

Set in a foundation 18 inches (46 cm), the Delta DSC501 survives and operates after a K54 (5.4 million foot-pounds) impact. The barrier will stop and destroy a 65,000-pound (29,484 kg) vehicle traveling at 50 mph (80 kph). Set in a foundation ten inches (25 cm) deep, the Delta DSC2000 survived and operated after a crash test with a 1.5 million foot pound impact, exceeding Department of State and Department of Defense test standards. Delta's fastest, smallest and shallowest foundation barricade was created especially for high-speed applications and ease of installation. It is K12 crash certified with no penetration, meaning it will stop a 15,000-pound (66.7 kN) vehicle traveling 50 mph (80 kph) dead in its tracks.


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posted: 4/26/2007