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Cordless Impact Driver Offers Compact Option for Users - Makita USA Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Cordless Impact Driver Offers Compact Option for Users: Makita USA Inc.

Makita USA Inc.
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The 18V LXT® lithium-ion brushless Quick-Shift Mode™ 3-speed impact driver, model XDT09M is the most powerful and most compact impact driver ever made by Makita.

It’s part of Makita’s expanding 18V lithium-ion series. Makita 18V lithium-ion batteries have the fastest charge times in their categories, so they spend more time working and less time sitting on the charger. “Makita has a legacy of innovation in cordless impact drivers, and the XDT09M sets new standards,” says Adam Livingston, Makita product manager, Cordless Tools. “The XDT09M has more torque and more speed than previous models, yet it has more features and the most compact size in the 18 volt category. For contractors, the XDT09M is a total fastening solution.”

Quick-Shift Mode™
Precision fastening applications often require the user to stop or slow down the impact driver just prior to driving the screw into place to ensure there is no damage to the fastener or work piece. Quick-Shift Mode™ is an automatic electronic controller that downshifts and reduces rotation and impact speed prior to driving the screw into place. It is engineered to minimize screw thread stripping, screw breakage and damage to work. Quick-Shift Mode™ can be engaged with a push of a button at the base of the handle. When the driving process begins, the impact driver starts driving at 3rd speed or 3,600 rpm. As the screw nears the fastened position, Quick-Shift Mode™ is automatically engaged and downshifts to 2nd speed at 2,100 rpm.

Precision Features for Fastening
The Makita-built BL™ brushless motor delivers a full 1,550 pounds per square inch of max torque in the 3rd speed setting. The 3-speed power selection switch provides the user with precise fastening control for a range of applications, from cabinet screws to lag bolts. The XDT09M weighs 3.3 pounds with the 4.0 amperes/hour battery. With a length of only 4¾ inches, it is 3/8 of an inch more compact than the Makita XDT06 and the most compact in its category. Other features include a 3-stage battery power indicator and Makita’s extreme protection technology, an interior seal inside the tool engineered for improved water and dust resistance for use in harsh jobsite conditions.

Similar to all Makita impact drivers, the anvil impact mechanism in the XDT09M is engineered using the best raw materials with the highest quality steel and unique heat hardening process for maximum fastening and driving power.

Communication Technology Protects Battery and Tool
For improved tool performance and extended battery life, Makita created Star Protection Computer Controls™. Star Protection is communication technology that allows the Star Protection-equipped tool and battery to exchange data in real time and monitor conditions during use to protect against overloading, over-discharging and overheating. For increased versatility, the tool can also be powered by Makita 18V LXT® and compact lithium-ion batteries with the star symbol on the battery indicating Star Protection inside.


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posted: 8/17/2015