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Clear Window Board-Up System - SecureView - Facility Management Product Release

Clear Window Board-Up System: SecureView

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SecureView polycarbonate clearboarding is a practical alternative to plywood for securing vacant and abandoned properties. SecureView Clearboarding looks like traditional windows, camouflaging buildings and preventing intrusion from vandals and squatters looking for their next target.

Municipal government officials, commercial building owners, property managers, and facilities directors are using SecureView as an effective method to maintain property values while supporting neighborhood stabilization.

SecureView is virtually unbreakable, so it protects properties from criminal trespass so often associated with plywood and steel board ups. SecureView can stand up to blows from bricks, bats, and sledge hammers, and cannot be pried loose with a crowbar when properly installed according to instructions.

Made from recycled materials, SecureView is an industrial grade sheet material extruded from polycarbonate resins. Each sheet is 200 times stronger than glass and SecureView can be easily modified onsite to fit any window or opening. SecureView is weather-resistant and will not decay over time, eliminating the need for seasonal re-boarding.

SecureView Clearboarding sheets come in a variety of sizes, including 3-by-4 feet, 4-by-4 feet, and 4-by-8 feet, as well as larger sheets, to maximize purchasing flexibility and yield less waste. Window systems are installed using interior clamping beams or bracing bars that are composed of high-density polyethylene. The interior bracing bars are 1 inch in thickness and secured using corrosion resistant carriage bolts and/or security head screws. This installation process does not damage the interior or exterior of a property.

SecureView has been installed on more than 50,000 properties in thousands of communities across the U.S., and is available nationwide at more than 60 locations. SecureView is available for delivery within 24 hours of placing an order, and free shipping is provided on moderate-to-large size orders.

While SecureView is approximately twice the cost of plywood for materials, it is far more effective at properly securing the property. The installation costs are as cheap, or cheaper, than plywood. The economic impact of boarding with SecureView is significantly cost-efficient over time and the increase in security and safety it provides is priceless.

For first responders, plywood boarded properties are a major safety hazard. Firefighters and rescuers cannot see inside the building when arriving on the scene, placing them at serious risk. SecureView provides clear views inside, enabling first responders to assess the situation immediately. Firefighters can gain access into the property by cutting through the clear polycarbonate material with a rig-standard power saw. Quick egress from the building is provided by striking the bracing bar from the inside.


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posted: 5/1/2018