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The YORK YVFA free-cooling air-cooled screw chiller is available in nominal sizes 150 - 450 yielding over 600TR (2110kW). The YVFA integrated variable- speed drive (VSD) screw chiller joins other YORK R-134a chillers that are future compatible with R-513A, a non-flammable and low-GWP refrigerant.

The chiller’s advanced technologies include VSD compressors that ensure efficient operation across all cooling-load and ambient temperature conditions. Its integrated high-efficiency, air-to-liquid free-cooling coils reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical cooling when ambient conditions allow. In addition, intelligent controls optimize energy use year-round, constantly evaluating conditions and controlling bypass valves to reduce pump energy when free cooling is not available. When a new setpoint is required, adjustment can be made at the chiller control panel or through a building automation system.

For critical processes, such as data center and critical-care facility applications, the chiller is equipped with a Quick Start feature that achieves full load after a power loss in four minutes or less. Variable-frequency inverter technology enables a zero-inrush start, reducing generator and switch gear sizing, and a high displacement power factor across the entire operating range. In addition, the liquid-cooled VSD keeps the electrical panel free of dust and dirt and operating at a standard ambient temperature up to 115 F/46 C.

The YVFA provides flexibility for all building chilled liquid loops by offering options for open-loop (glycol in building) and closed-loop (water in building) configurations. Saving energy is simple in every situation — mechanical, free-cooling or hybrid cooling mode. The hybrid mode uses advanced technologies to provide unsurpassed efficiency at part-load conditions.

The Johnson Controls Annual Energy Cost (AEC) tool produces customized reports, factoring in all key variables to confirm the chiller delivers the smallest possible energy footprint. The AEC illustrates that in most locations, a facility operating 24/7 with a constant cooling load can achieve an operating cost payback in as little as two years. Performance is ensured by AHRI certification.


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posted: 12/7/2017