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CCTV Transmitter - Muxlab - Facility Management Product Release

CCTV Transmitter: Muxlab

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Muxlab’s Active CCTV Transmitter Balun is designed for DVR and IP encoder-based CCTV systems, providing video performance for a single CCTV video channel via Cat5 unshielded twisted pair cable.

The product is intended for extended distance applications or in marginal cabling scenarios where cable length exceeds the limits of passive balun technology. The compact size allows the transmitter to be installed inside a dome camera or camera back box.

The product supports distances from 500 feet to 3,000 feet when used with a passive balun at the receiver. When used with an active balun at the receiver, the product supports up to 6,000 feet. It consumes less than 0.7 Watts, allowing it to derive power from the CCTV camera without additional power required.


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posted: 7/4/2007