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Building Management System - TAC - Facility Management Product Release

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Vista 5 building management system features improved graphical tools. Graphical elements provide point-and-click command of control systems, such as adjusting set points. System capabilities range from analysis of facility alarms, to gathering and managing data needed for day-to-day operations and energy management, to development of an operations strategy.

New graphics capabilities include:
• Smart graphical components: Any attribute of a graphical object can be controlled by real-time data and client side scripts, allowing more functionality in the user interface.
• Graphics library: Ready-made symbols and components for buildings and building control include ISO, DIN and ASHRAE symbols. Symbols can be easily modified and new ones created. Graphical components and whole graphics pages can be dragged to the library for later re-use in the same or new installations.
• Graphical effects: Gradients, semi-transparencies and animations can be added to the user interface. For example, temperature controls can visibly move, and alarms can blink or highlight to attract attention.
• Importing and embedding: CAD-produced drawings of building layouts and subsystems can be imported and edited within Vista 5. Support is also provided for standard image formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP, enabling photos, illustrations and graphics from other sources to be used.
• Multiple runtime environments: The Vista 5 graphics can be run from the Vista front-end or from the company’s Xenta web-controller.
According to the company, graphics are easy to create, modify and re-use and can be developed without extensive training.

Graphics use XML-based TGML (TAC Graphics Markup Language), as well as standard Document Object Models and JavaScripts for calculations and mouse interactions. These are the same mechanisms used for programming Web sites.


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posted: 11/28/2006