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Breakage-Detecting Window - View - Facility Management Product Release

Breakage-Detecting Window: View

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View SmartProtect is a smart window-based building security solution that automatically and instantaneously detects glass breakage. As soon as glass is broken on any window in a building, View SmartProtect sends a signal notifying the customer of the specific time, window and location within a building where the glass break event occurred. View SmartProtect leverages Microsoft’s Azure IoT service, Azure Digital Twins, to deliver a solution with enterprise reliability and security.

Available as an added service to a View Dynamic Glass installation, View SmartProtect offers customers the following key benefits:
- No false alarms and no dead spots. Complete coverage on all glass surfaces, based on true breakage detection and not sound.
- No additional sensors mean no upfront costs and no complex installation.
- The product is completely invisible, so the building’s intended aesthetic design is maintained.
- A convenient View Building Manager web dashboard allows monitoring of all windows in real-time, bringing peace of mind.


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posted: 2/16/2019