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Blower Coil Line Increases Air Management Efficiency - Titus - Facility Management Product Release

Blower Coil Line Increases Air Management Efficiency: Titus

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An upgraded and expanded blower coil product line provides a low cost, efficient method of cooling and heating any space. Along with their ability to be easily maneuvered and fit in small spaces, these compact air handlers come in both horizontal and vertical alignments to be either floor or ceiling mounted. The blower coils’ flexibility and range of options allows them to satisfy the indoor air quality requirement of any commercial applications which includes schools, healthcare facilities, retail, and office buildings.

The revamped line allows engineers and architects to better fit blower coils to their particular projects. Horizontal blower coils, which are installed in ceilings, offer a wide range of application flexibility, while maintaining a simple, easy-to-install unit design. These units are intended to provide comfort cooling and heating within small spaces. The vertical belt-drive units, ideal for closets, hallways and bathrooms, can be laid on top of each other and are typically utilized in applications with a larger volume.

“The addition of blower coil units represents our commitment to evolve to meet the growing needs of our customers,” says Jenny Sivie, director of advanced business development at Titus. “Our unique belt-driven fans offer superior efficiency and ease of use, simplifying installation and maintenance, while offering quiet operation and continuous comfort for occupants.”

Achieving higher airflows than fan coil units, the blower coils, which range from 800 to 10,000 cfm, have the capacity to service much larger facilities than a fan coil. Their belt-driven system offer more flexibility in terms of fan speed and cost advantage over similarly sized direct-drive system. The new line also offers reduced footprint vertical models, in addition to the standard vertical and horizontal models. These units are used in applications where floor space is at a premium, since they offer maximum flexibility for selection and installation where extreme space restrictions exist.


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posted: 7/27/2015