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Backup Wall Panels Have Flexible Options - CENTRIA - Facility Management Product Release

Backup Wall Panels Have Flexible Options: CENTRIA

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MetalWrap Integrated Series and Long Span Series insulated composite backup panels have an exceptional level of versatility, according to the company.

MetalWrap Integrated Series features integral attachment systems—including the MR-100 and MR-300 rail systems as well as integral clips, pintles and/or masonry anchors—for ease of installation of any cladding material such as metal, terra cotta, ACM panels, brick facades and other rainscreens. This aesthetic flexibility lends itself to mixed-medium exteriors. The product offers 2- and 3-inch thicknesses. When paired with CENTRIA’s metal wall panel cladding, MetalWrap Integrated Series creates a complete rainscreen system solution.

MetalWrap’s Long Span Series provides flexibility when attaching the backup panel system directly to steel girts up to six feet. This innovative option includes panel thicknesses up to four inches for superior thermal performance.

MetalWrap panels have a foamed-in-place polyisocynaurate composite core for optimal thermal performance. CENTRIA’s Advanced Thermal and Moisture Performance (ATMP) technology enables MetalWrap to provide a weathertight building exterior in significantly less time required to install traditional multi-component assemblies, and come with a 10-year Weathertight Warranty.

The MetalWrap “Fast Spec” document is available online for product specification, performance and warranty details.


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posted: 1/13/2017