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BAS Has BACNET VPN - Reliable Controls - Facility Management Product Release

BAS Has BACNET VPN: Reliable Controls

Reliable Controls
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Simplify your Building Automation System (BAS) networks and improve your cybersecurity with RC-RemoteAccess, the IT-friendly BACnet Virtual Private Network (B/VPN) software from Reliable Controls.

Installed on a local server for single buildings, or a remote server for multiple buildings, or in the cloud for enterprise customers, RC-RemoteAccess introduces game-changing efficiencies in BACnet management. The software eliminates the need to configure BACnet Broadcast Management Devices (BBMDs), Broadcast Distribution Tables (BDTs), foreign device registrations, and remote port forwards. This saves a significant amount of time when configuring an internetwork of building automation clients and devices.

RC-RemoteAccess protects BAS networks from hackers and Internet abuse by hardening its cybersecurity. The software uses 256-bit encryption, requires authentication and system identifier credentials, uses TLS protocol and TCP, and supports 2,048-bit server certificates to secure connections. Only one inbound port is required to secure any number of B/VPNs, significantly minimizing the vulnerability of a firewall breach.


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posted: 12/28/2016