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Architectural Glass Coating - Viracon - Facility Management Product Release

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VRE-43 architectural glass coating features a 0.22 solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and 43 percent visible light transmission (VLT). VRE-43 continues to push coating innovation with its perfect balance of aesthetics and performance.

VRE-43 is able to provide low interior and exterior reflectivity for great aesthetics, balanced with VLT and SHG attributes that improve occupant comfort and reduce energy costs.

As is the case with all Viracon’s coatings, VRE-43 can be combined with a broad selection of other fabrication options. It can be applied to a variety of tinted substrates to alter the exterior aesthetics and further improve solar performance and glare reduction. It can be applied on the same surface as digital print or silkscreen to improve overall performance even further. Laminating and insulating options available.


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posted: 10/13/2017