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App Provides Individual User Environment Control - Reliable Controls - Facility Management Product Release

App Provides Individual User Environment Control: Reliable Controls

Reliable Controls
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The myControl 1.7 app features a fully customized mobile interface for the Reliable Controls MACH-System. Compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, the myControl user interface provides individual personal control for occupants through accessible settings for temperature, lighting, ventilation, occupancy, and more.

Any configured MACH-System control point can be monitored and adjusted with myControl, using three views:
• SPACEview: an intuitive interface for occupants to adjust environmental conditions in their space
• LISTview: a flexible, customizable list of up to 12 system objects that an occupant or operator can quickly view and adjust
• STATview: a familiar, programmable thermostat interface, allowing users to monitor and control the operation of unitary HVAC equipment

New features included with this latest version include:
• Support for MACH-ProView LCD controllers: seamlessly connects directly to MACH-ProView LCD IP models, or indirectly to MACH-ProView LCD through MACH-ProWeb or RC-WebView; displays an override icon for manually adjusted objects
• New inclusions for carbon dioxide and relative humidity
• Supports dual setpoints (heat/cool) in SPACEview and STATview
• Supports tristate setpoints (warmer/cooler/neutral) in SPACEview
• Displays up to six icons in SPACEview
• Ability to save and edit multiple system connections and switch between them easily


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posted: 2/28/2017