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Alert System - Honeywell International - Facility Management Product Release

Honeywell International
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Honeywell’s Instant Alert Plus is a Web-based mass notification service that quickly delivers critical information and direction in an emergency. Designed to meet the crisis management needs of colleges and universities, municipalities, government, businesses, and healthcare and industrial facilities, the system allows organizations to broadcast a message to any communications device - phone, cell phone, pager, e-mail or PDA. The service can send 100,000 30-second phone calls and 125,000 text messages in 15 minutes.

The service is activated by placing a phone call or typing a message on a computer with an Internet connection. A series of distributed, redundant call center networks is used to disseminate the information.

Along with broadcasting information, Instant Alert Plus can generate real-time reports that show who has and has not received a message. It also has a two-way communication function that gives organizations the ability to poll and get feedback from employees or the public. The service also allows users to develop an unlimited number of subgroups, for emergency responders, a board of directors or security personnel and more, plus send customized messages to these groups


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posted: 8/6/2007