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Alarm Reporting Receivers - NAPCO Security Systems Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Alarm Reporting Receivers: NAPCO Security Systems Inc.

NAPCO Security Systems Inc.
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The company’s NetLink TCP/IP is a rack-mounted central station receiver that enables secure Internet alarm reporting. In compliance with UL Central Station applications requiring primary and mirrored backup receivers, two receivers can be installed at the same cost as a single traditional receiver, according to the company. Both receivers interface with the conventional CS automation system and connected to each other with a network crossover cable, where the mirrored receiver serves as a Hot Backup, duplicate receiver. The receivers offer two modes of operation: automatic mode, where alarm signals are sent normally to the automation system for processing and manual mode used when direct operator interaction is required by way of a menu-driven keypad-style alphanumeric interface on the face of the receiver.


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posted: 10/4/2006