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Air Purifier - Zentox Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Air Purifier: Zentox Corp.

Zentox Corp.
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Zentox’s Photox SR single-room model air purifier is a portable advanced indoor air purification system designed to purify air in a single room up to 200 square feet. Using photocatalytic oxidation technology, the unit is designed to destroy noxious odors, toxic vapors and infectious microorganisms in the indoor environment.

Additionally, the system effectively removes a variety of hazardous and objectionable airborne contaminants including bacteria, virus and mold spores, ammonia, cleaning solvent vapors, paint odor, ozone, hydrogen sulfide, urine/fecal odors, cooking odors, musty smells, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

Designed with ease of operation and maintenance in mind, the Photox SR simply requires the annual replacement of the germicidal UV lamp and the photocatalytic filter cartridge. The Photox SR does not emit any harmful by-products or ozone, and the destruction of contaminants occurs inside the unit.


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posted: 8/20/2007