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Air Filters - Permatron Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Air Filters: Permatron Corp.

Permatron Corp.
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Model IN and HFA washable, electrostatic air filters are designed for high-velocity systems and caustic environments. Featuring the Accumulator Chamber design, the filters are engineered with a three-stage filtration process that allows them to hold dirt without face loading or restricting airflow. Multiple filtration panels are encased within an outer steel frame. The first panel acts as a prefilter. When particulates build-up on the prefilter, airflow causes them to break off and be swept into the Accumulator Chamber, where turbulence and electrostatic forces cause agglomeration into larger particulates. These particulates are too large to pass through the second panel. The afterfilter attracts and holds the smaller particulates that might have escaped the prefilter, or did not respond to an electrostatic charge. No system modifications or electrical connections are needed.


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posted: 10/24/2006