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Air-Conditioner Diagnostic Tool - EDC International Ltd. - Facility Management Product Release

Air-Conditioner Diagnostic Tool: EDC International Ltd.

EDC International Ltd.
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The Inverter Phase Check helps users diagnose an inverter-controlled air conditioner failure. The difficulty is to know whether it is the compressor or the inverter causing the fault. The Inverter Phase Check can pinpoint precisely which is faulty.

When using the module, users disconnect the supply connections from the compressor, and connect them to the module. When they turn the inverter on the six lights on the module should light up red, yellow and blue. If the inverter PCB is faulty, one or more of these lights will not turn on, and this indicates the position of the fault.

If all six lights are on, the PCB is fine, and the fault is with the compressor. If they are not all on, or one light is significantly dimmer than the rest, then the fault is with one or more of the output transistors on the PCB, or with the drive circuitry.


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posted: 11/27/2006