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Aerial Lift - Genie Industries - Facility Management Product Release

Aerial Lift: Genie Industries

Genie Industries
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The GS-3232 self-propelled scissor unit lifts up to 500 pounds to a maximum working height of 38 feet. It has a footprint of 7 feet 11 inches and 2 feet 8 inches wide stowed.

With dual front-wheel drive and zero inside turn radius, it maneuvers around restrictive work environments. It has a travel speed of 2.2 mph and is able to handle a 25 percent grade.

It comes with an automatic leveling hydraulic outrigger system, which is able to level on slopes of up to five degrees side-to-side and three degrees front-to-back. A laser locator option helps users position the unit before deploying the outriggers. This ensures that the machine is stable before ascending to working height.

It features a four-wheel braking system that combines dual rear spring, hydraulically-released brakes with dual front wheel hydraulic dynamic braking. The brakes are fully enclosed in steel casing for protection against jobsite debris and machine wear.

It features an electronic control system and forward-angled Hall-effect joystick. An LED window on the platform control box displays information, including a battery-level indicator, onboard diagnostics, speed tuning and configuration settings. The electronic platform control box is able to move the platform extension deck to give users a clear and consistent line of sight.


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posted: 5/9/2007