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Aerial Lift Designed to Address Tight Spaces - Reechcraft Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Aerial Lift Designed to Address Tight Spaces: Reechcraft Inc.

Reechcraft Inc.
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The PowerLift is practical for tight spaces and has all the application purposes a facility needs.

The PowerLift was developed largely as an alternative to ladders and inconvenient aerial work platforms when completing certain tasks. The need has not only been for a safer product for facilities but also one that also provides similar convenience in terms of portability and convenience. The big plus for the PowerLift is its extremely lightweight and portable design. The PowerLift’s portability is enhanced with ReechCraft’s Hitch Hauler, which eliminates the need for a trailer, since any vehicle with a type III (2 inch) receiver hitch can transport the PowerLift. With the Hitch Hauler, the PowerLift can be loaded and secured in under 15 seconds with no ropes, chains or straps are required.

The PowerLift is also exponentially safer than ladders, giving it an edge over more traditional equipment. While offering simplicity and convenience, PowerLift meets the safety standards that business and safety managers are looking for, complying with A92.3 of the ANSI standard. One aspect that adds to the safety component is the fully enclosed personnel basket, which provides an extra layer of security and safety. As an access product with many amazing features, this is an exciting time for the PowerLift. This product and the safety it provides allows for opportunities to meet criteria for different job demands.

Facilities are one setting that has constant need for the PowerLift — it provides great access for hard-to-reach spots, such as lighting in buildings with high ceilings or on staging. The PowerLift allows for portable access while minimizing the space needed to set up quickly. Another feature of the PowerLift: it can fit through doorways as small as 30-inches and be moved up and down stairs with little effort. In fact, the PowerLift is absolutely great at getting to difficult indoor and outdoor spaces.

The PowerLift excels in every area that an aerial work platform should: it is portable, lightweight, convenient and safe. By discovering how the PowerLift can benefit facilities, ReechCraft has been able to identify additional product opportunities and continue to expand on our ability to deliver what our customers want and need.


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posted: 9/28/2015