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Active Chilled Beams - SEMCO LLC - Facility Management Product Release

Active Chilled Beams: SEMCO LLC

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The IQHC Series features 25- and 50-percent reductions in pump and fan horsepower, respectively, compared to conventional chilled-water loop or rooftop forced-air HVAC system methods. Five universal, 6-inch diameter duct knockouts with spin-fit collars located in the top or any of the four sides and universal water-piping connection locations ensure a quick installation. The 2-foot-wide beams are available in two- or four-pipe models, each in four sizes spanning 4-, 6-, 8-, and 10-feet long and measuring from 3,800-9,700 BTUs per hour. The variety of sizes offers flexibility for any type of space size or ceiling height up to 18 feet when used for heating and cooling.


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posted: 8/13/2013