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AC Control - Rawal Devices Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

AC Control: Rawal Devices Inc.

Rawal Devices Inc.
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The APR-410 Control from Rawal Devices provides full-capacity modulation for all sizes of direct-expansion air conditioning systems that use R-410A non-ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant. The control matches AC system capacity/output to changing load conditions and is designed to withstand the higher operating pressures of the new environmentally friendly systems.

The unit is designed for VAV systems where fluctuating or reduced airflow across the evaporator can cause coil icing. The APR-410 Control also permits multiple-evaporator zoning with a single condensing unit. Each evaporator conditions a different zone, reducing ductwork requirements.


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posted: 2/15/2008