Smoke Sensors Help Reinforce Policies at Hotel

Before installing FreshAir devices, hotel managers and housekeepers spent too much time trying to find the room where a guest was smoking.   November 23, 2022

By FacilitiesNet Staff

Hyatt Place Miami Airport’s management struggled to identify unauthorized smoking and enforce the hotel’s no-smoking policies when guests complained of nearby smoking. The hotel’s General Manager, Craig Haas, tapped FreshAir Sensor as a solution to these challenges. FreshAir’s immediate detection and smoking alerts have resulted in enhanced no-smoking enforcement processes, reduced smoking violations, and streamlined smoking fee collection. Achieving these improvements, Haas notes that FreshAir’s dedicated Client Experience team helped the hotel leverage the sensor technology to meet property’s smoking detection goals. 

Before installing FreshAir devices, hotel managers and housekeepers spent too much time trying to find the room where a guest was smoking. Learning of violations from guest complaints was ineffective. Now, hotel staff are able to pinpoint exactly where and when smoking takes place thanks to FreshAir’s 24x7 monitoring, immediate detection, and discreet alerts. 

“There is not as much smoking in the rooms," says Haas. "It is much more organized. It is a process, and managers are able to respond right away.” 

Because smoking is immediately detected with FreshAir’s patented sensors, the hotel is able to prevent room damages from tobacco and marijauna smoke. Quickly stopping smoking means avoiding costly cleaning and remediation procedures. Hotel staff no longer have to take the room out of order for 24 hours and lose room revenue every time unauthorized smoking takes place. The Hyatt Place Miami Airport saves money that would have been spent on smoke-related damages and can now successfully charge the smoking fee for violations. 

FreshAir’s smoking reports and scientific proof of smoking have made charging smoking fees easy.

“The backup provided by FreshAir is able to settle any disputes,” says Haas.

Each smoking alert comes with a timestamped chart of the incident, documenting and proving when smoking occurs. These reports can be downloaded, printed, and shared with guests during check-out and with credit card companies to successfully win chargebacks in the event of fee disputes. 

As Hyatt Place Miami Airport’s General Manager, Haas emphasizes how FreshAir smoking sensor technology and support staff dramatically upgraded their smoking prevention and policy enforcement. Since implementation, the hotel has been able to successfully charge smoking fees, safeguard against smoking-related cleaning costs, and ultimately meet the hotel’s no-smoking goals. 


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