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JLG The LiftPod has an enclosed platform and 14-foot working height. It allows workers to move within the basket, hands-free, helping to increase safety and productivity. Each of the three LiftPod modules can be carried and moved by one person, can be assembled in less than 30 seconds and weighs about 50 pounds.

Resilient Flooring

Johnsonite Space is a modular resilient flooring system that helps balance function with aesthetics and sustainability with efficiency. Space resilient flooring installs quickly using a releasable adhesive, so it can be repurposed as easily as carpet tiles.


AERCO Ideal with condensing boilers in low temperature applications, SmartPlate’s water-to-water heaters deliver ±4 degrees F temperature control. Heaters ship fully assembled including load monitoring PID controller, sensors, electronic valve, DHW drain valve and shut-off valves, and inlet strainers on both the boiler water and DHW sides. Units support BAS integration.


Data Aire Data Aire offers EC fans on heat exchangers providing greater efficiency and improved reliability. Depending on climate conditions and energy cost, each fan can save on average $200 per year. EC fans don’t require external speed controls and are driven by DC motors.

Door Hardware

Detex The Automatically Operated Door EasyKit integrates an Advantex latch retraction exit device and a low-energy, automatic door operator, pre-wired with a built-in latch retraction power supply. Also included: two wireless ADA buttons, power transfer, code-compliant signage and a wiring diagram.

Soap Dispenser

SCA Tissue Tork Manual and Auto Foam Dispensing Systems deliver a controlled dose of concentrated foam, providing four to five times more hand washes per refill than liquid soap, and up to 43 percent more washes than other foam soaps. Refill products are enriched with conditioners for frequent use.


Duro-Last The Duro-Last Rock-Ply system is designed for commercial roofing applications where appearance is important, but traditional rock or stone ballast is not practical because of weight considerations or difficulty transporting the ballast. The Rock-Ply membrane provides a ballast look and the watertight performance and long-term durability of a thermoplastic, single-ply roofing system.

Weather Barrier

BASF Wall Systems SENERSHIELD-R is a ready-mixed flexible waterproof coating that is applied directly to approved wall substrates. It is part of an air/water-resistive barrier system that can be employed as secondary protection behind Senergy Wall Systems and most other wall claddings.

Tile and Grout Restoration

SaniGLAZE The SaniGLAZE restorative bonding technology returns old, contaminated tile and grout to a “like new” appearance and prevents the problems from returning. SaniGLAZE eliminates odors, provides a moisture proof protective shield, and makes tile and grout surfaces easy to maintain.

Energy Submeter

E-Mon D-Mon Green Class electric submeters offer utility-grade metering accuracy to benchmark and monitor energy use trends. Features include scrolling display of kilowatt use on the meter’s eight-digit LCD display, kWh in dollars, current demand load and estimated carbon dioxide emissions in pounds, based on DOE standards.


Sloan Valve The UPPERCUT Dual-Flush Flushometer offers two flush options: Tilt the antimicrobial-coated handle up for a water-saving 1.1-gallon flush, or push down for a 1.6-gallon flush. Each Flushometer comes with two instructional signs to post near the valve.

BACNet Controller

Reliable Controls The SMART-Space Controller is a compact and fully programmable BACnet controller designed for small point-counts that require a local LCD display and easy access to setpoint adjust, point override and schedule changes. Can be configured for standalone operation, or networked on BACnet MS/TP for distributed applications.


Juno Lighting The Indy LED downlight offers close to 1,000 lumens from an 18-watt input and provides glare control. The concealed light source with next generation output, efficiency and lifespan is available in round, square or cylinder shapes.


APC The Symmetra MW II UPS provides power in the range of 400kW to 1600kW, with paralleling capabilities. Operating efficiencies from over 94 percent at 25 percent load to above 97 percent at full load address common issues faced by large data centers and facilities, while eliminating the potential for over-sizing.

Water Heater

Lochinvar The SHIELD Commercial Water Heater has inputs up to 500,000 Btu/hr, 96 percent thermal efficiency and storage up to 125 gallons. A stainless steel heat transfer system located outside of the tank defends against lime scale buildup within.

Metal Roof

Butler Manufacturing The MR-24 standing seam roof system features a moveable roof clip for maximum thermal expansion and contraction and a 360-degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam to prevent leaks. Has been shown to save up to 90 percent in roof maintenance costs and last up to twice as long as conventional roofing materials.

Light and Shade Control

Lutron GRAFIK Eye QS fully customizable preset light and shade control system is now available with wireless technology. The product adjusts lights and shades for any task at the touch of a button. A single GRAFIK Eye QS can provide direct control of EcoSystem zones, line-voltage dimming and switching zones, and Sivoia QS shades.

Roofing Membrane

Dow Roofing Systems Reinforced with a polyester fabric, Tiempo 2000 thermoplastic polyolefin membrane provides outstanding weatherability. The white membrane is available in 45-, 60- and 80-mil thicknesses, is UV-, fire- and chemical-resistant and has several attachment options. FM approved and UL classified.

Cool Roof

Sika Sarnafil EnergySmart Roof provides maximum watertight protection for your building and reduces energy costs by reflecting the sun’s radiant energy. This system exceeds the cool roof requirements of Energy Star, California’s Building Energy Code (Title 24), LEED and Green Globes.

Paper Dispensers

Kimberly-Clark Professional A full range of toilet paper and paper towel dispensers with Microban antimicrobial protection offer built-in protection against common microorganisms, such as yeasts, molds and fungi. Microban antimicrobial product protection is added during the manufacturing process and will not wash off or wear away.

Carpet Fiber

Antron Antron Bio_Legacy nylon, part of the Bio_Antron carpet fiber family, is the first dyeable carpet fiber with bio-based content designed specifically for commercial market applications. Contains 10 percent bio-based material. Antron Lumena solution-dyed nylon is also now available with a minimum of 25 percent pre- and post-consumer recycled content.

Road Barrier

CAME Americas The Gard Series automatic road barriers are designed for a large range of openings — up to 25 feet — and engineered to manage vehicular flows with advanced design and technology. Rounded corners counteract the "sail effect."

PV Module

Mitsubishi Electric UJ6 series modules for roof-mount or ground-mount commercial installations range in size from 212 watts to 235 watts, have a ±3 percent power tolerance and a 25-year power output warranty. Safety features include a triple-layer junction box, 100 percent lead-free solder and a back protection bar for extra support.

Ceiling Grid

Armstrong Ceilings DC FlexZone ceiling grid system distributes safe, low voltage direct current (DC) power to lighting fixtures, sensors and other electrical devices in a space. The grid system can improve the flexibility and reuse of interior spaces by enabling easier repurposing and reconfiguration without the need to rewire.


KI The Strive High Density Stack chair brings the benefits of flex-back seating to a broader audience. Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, the stacking chair offers unparalleled comfort, affordability and the ability to maintain a consistent visual aesthetic within a broad family of Strive seating.


CertainTeed CertaPro AcoustaTherm light-density fiberglass batts improve energy efficiency and sound control in new construction or renovation of commercial interior and exterior walls and suspended ceiling systems. Designed for easy friction-fit installation. Unfaced batts are rated noncombustible per ASTM E136.

Energy Use Software

Automated Logic EnergyReports enables facility managers to produce reports showing a building’s energy consumption. By allowing users to compare energy consumption or demand over different periods, ER gives facility managers a powerful tool to minimize energy consumption, maximize comfort, and achieve sustainable building operations.

Thermal Imager

Fluke TiR32 Thermal Imager offers 320 by 240 image resolution and an intuitive three-button menu. Its rugged construction withstands a 6.5-foot drop. IR-Fusion provides automatic alignment (parallax correction) of visual and infrared images. SmartView analysis and reporting software included.

Metal Wall Backup Panel

Centria MetalWrap is an alternative thermal, air and moisture backup panel system designed specifically for CENTRIA non-insulated metal wall systems. Metalwrap’s integrated single-panel design eliminates the need for conventional insulation, exterior gypsum board, air barriers, vapor retarders and building wraps, while providing better thermal efficiency and moisture control.

Vegetated Roof

LiveRoof LiveRoof modular green roof system uses Soil Elevator and Moisture Portal technology to unite the entire soil continuum. This allows for the natural sharing of water, nutrients and beneficial organisms across the entire rooftop strata. It also minimizes hot, wet, and dry zones, and avoids compartmentalizing the growing medium into an unnatural "grid."

Spot Air Conditioners

MovinCool MovinCool offers a wide range of portable and ceiling-mounted spot air conditioners. The units are used for emergency backup, supplemental and permanent cooling. The company’s latest compact, ceiling-mounted model allows easy installation in tight spaces, making it ideal for server and telecom closets.

Fluorescent Retrofit Calculator

GE Lighting Have you ever asked yourself which lighting system is right for your facility? The Linear Fluorescent Retrofit Calculator will generate four system recommendations addressing energy savings, light level, lamp life and efficiency goals.

Lamp Recycling

AirCycle The Premium Bulb Eater crushes spent fluorescent lamps of any length into 100 percent recyclable material while capturing over 99.99 percent of the vapors released. The system, which is mounted to a 55-gallon container, can hold up to 1,350 4-foot fluorescent lamps.

Lighting Control

Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management (DLM) is a suite of plug-together lighting controls with self-configuring sensors, switches and other components. DLM saves more energy, and is faster and easier to specify and install than conventional controls. Engineered to meet and exceed energy codes, DLM provides an unprecedented return on investment.

Rental Equipment

NES Rentals Trying to get the most out of your capital budget? Free NES Rentals white paper explains the costs of owning construction or industrial equipment — including storage to maintenance — and how renting can help you save money and stay profitable.

Soap Dispenser

Georgia-Pacific Professional The enMotion Automated Touchless Soap Dispenser offers an adjustable portion control setting of 0.4 mL and 0.7 mL. Additionally, the at-a-glance window allows staff to easily check levels. Each unit provides up to 3,000 uses for soap and 2,500 uses for sanitizer.

Halogen PAR 38 Replacement

Cree With a power input of 12 Watts, the LED LRP-38 is designed to replace 50W–90W halogen PAR 38s in retail and display settings and last 50,000 hours in open track fixtures. The LRP-38 has low heat, low UV, and a CRI of 92 at 2700K.


Generac From retail stores to data centers, wastewater treatment plants to hospitals, alarm systems to life-support systems, no matter the size or type of business, Generac has it covered. We supply innovative backup power solutions from 8 kW to 9 MW in gaseous, diesel and bi-fuel.

Wall Cladding

Sto Corp. StoTherm Lotusan NExT integrates a continuous waterproof air barrier, exterior insulation and a textured finish with self-cleaning properties. This wall cladding system saves energy, provides superior protection against moisture intrusion, air leakage, mold and mildew, and stays attractive for years.

Motor Bypass

ABB E-Clipse Bypass technology is the next generation of bypass technology in motors and drives used throughout HVAC applications. “A bypass with brains,” the new E-Clipse Bypass is ideal for wall mounting or fitting into air-handling units and pumping packages on all types of OEM equipment used in the HVAC industry.

Metal Panel

MBCI The BattenLok HS panel used on this Louisiana office building is a high-strength SSR panel that offers a two-inch high vertical leg. Base material is 24 gauge Galvalume coated in the MBCI Signature 300 Series (PVDF) in Natural Patina. This panel system is field seamed with a mechanical seamer.

Custom SCADA

Russelectric Custom SCADA software for power control systems provides interactive monitoring, real-time and historical trending, comprehensive reporting, and alarm management. With optional enhancements, the operator can zoom in on a particular readout device for a better view, display current meter values, overlay displays, and operate all selector switches from the color SCADA screen.


KMC Controls FlexStat is flexible building automation for any size space. This native BACnet device includes an integrated controller and thermostat with optional humidity and occupancy sensing. Selectable applications for air-handling units, fan-coil units, heat-pump units, and rooftop units are built in.

Security Booth

B.I.G. Enterprises The Park Controller booth integrates bullet-resistant construction with a custom exterior designed to be aesthetically pleasing to park visitors. It comes complete with electrical — including provisions for data, communication and security camera systems — stainless steel shelves, and a high output commercial system HVAC.

Curtain Wall

EFCO The library at the center of Morgan State University uses the company’s System 5600 Curtain Wall. The curtain wall was integral to achieving the scope of this instructional space. Available in a wide range of mullion and face cover depths, this system features roll-on horizontals and concealed fasteners for uninterrupted joinery.

Evacuation Chair

Evac+Chair More than six occupants were rescued from the Towers on Sept. 11 with Evac+Chair, whose narrow profile does not interfere with first responders sharing the stairway. The chair's continuous rotating V belt ensures safety and allows the user to control the chair's descent down the stairs, regardless of the passenger's size.

UVC Air Purifier

Steril-Aire The new UVC Kit for Unitary Air Conditioners enhances air quality and saves money by reducing HVAC energy use, eliminating chemical coil cleanings and improving mold control and IAQ. Designed for easy installation in unitary systems of less than five tons, the kit may be used with mini-split and ductless systems, split systems, packaged terminal air conditioning units, heat pumps and window units.


Dow Chemical A protected membrane roof (PMR) assembly featuring STYROFOAM brand extruded polystyrene foam insulation from Dow Building Solutions can provide more than 40 years of service when properly installed and maintained. By placing the insulation on top of the membrane, a PMR assembly provides a sustainable alternative to conventional roof design, offering superior performance and longevity.

Hand Dryer

American Dryer The eXtremeAir dries hands in 10-15 seconds. That’s three times faster than conventional hand dryers. The patent pending design uses 80 percent less energy, is GreenSpec listed and helps qualify for LEED credits. The dryer provides a 95 percent cost savings versus paper towels while eliminating maintenance costs and improving hygiene.

Roofing System

Firestone The EnviroReady roofing system and warranty let users install a conventional roof today and upgrade it with green roofing technology tomorrow. Firestone's Red Shield Warranty keeps new EPDM or TPO systems "enviro-ready" for upgrades for up to seven years after installation. Program covers inspections before and after installation of new green upgrades.


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