ADA In Commercial Real Estate

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What is the significant impact of the new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations on the commercial real estate market? And, outside of new construction or renovation, what is the level of exposure to risk by leaving ADA violations in place?  

The impact has several layers:  there are items that have not changed from the 1991 Standards, there are items that have changed (but conform more with model building code), there are items that have been removed, and finally there are new items such as swimming pools, spas, playgrounds, children’s’ elements — all of which were not contained in the 1991 Standards.

As to the level of risk for leaving barriers in place, it increased each day, month and year since January 26, 1992.  With the adoption of the 2010 ADA Standards, the “spotlight” is back on.

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Renovations Trigger ADA Compliance?

Common ADA Violations

Proceeding After an ADA Violation

ADA In Commercial Real Estate

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