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ADA As A "Design For All" Concept

How can facility managers come to think of ADA as an element of the "design for all" concept, instead of as a penalty or as something "extra"?

Facility managers should absolutely think of ADA as an element of the “design for all” concept. The best way to do this is by thinking of it as making the facility accessible to more customers, which is good for the bottom line.

In almost all cases, the design can be such that it doesn’t negatively impact the customers who aren’t disabled, yet still provides a positive experience for those that are.  Accessible features also benefit broader demographic groups, including parents with strollers, senior citizens, people with temporary injuries or even someone with luggage/packages. They ensure any and all customers can access the space.

Answers provided by Kevin Hughes, vice president, Project & Development Services, Jones Lang LaSalle.

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ADA As A "Design For All" Concept

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