Current Issue: June 2015
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5 Minutes WIth Podcast: Trimble discusses Baylor's transition to a centralized irrigation system

Project Management: Plumbing & Restrooms
Part 1: Caesars Palace Upgrades Plumbing and Irrigation Systems to Curtail Water Use
Part 2: Caesars Palace Targets Largest Paybacks in Water-Conservation Efforts
Part 3: Caesars Palace Reduces Water Use Intensity by Almost 20 Percent

Roundtable: Technician Recruitment
Good help is hard to find. Managers offer insights into locating quality candidates

Management Insight: Andrew Gager
Part 1: Costs, Benefits and Projecting Project Payback
Part 2: Cost-Benefit Analysis Helps Managers Measure Project's Impact

Grounds Management
Part 1: California Campus Capitalizes on Versatility of Utility Vehicles
Part 2: Specifying Utility Vehicles for Sustainability
Part 3: Impact of Staff on Utility Vehicle Decisions

Part 1: Incorporating Portable Cooling Into Emergency Response Plans
Part 2: Facility Challenges When Making Temporary Cooling Plans
Part 3: Immediate Access to Portable Cooling Units Essential

Plumbing & Restrooms
Part 1: Planning for Drain Cleaning Problems
Part 2: Key Drain Cleaning Equipment to Consider
Part 3: Drain-Cleaning to Extend Life of Plumbing and Piping Systems

Talking Points
Part 1: Dan Hounsell: Deferred Maintenance Needs Marketing Plan
Part 2: Dave Lubach: Staffing Strategies - Creating Future Technicians

Part 1: Comprehensive Strategies for Effective Roof Inspections
Part 2: Common Problems With Built-Up Roof Systems
Part 3: Common Problems With Single-Ply Roof Systems
Part 4: Common Problems With Modified Bitumen Roof Systems
Part 5: Common Problems With Metal Roof Systems


Sponsored Section: Roof Coatings

Part 1: New-Generation Roof Coatings Offer Many Benefits
Part 2: Understanding Product Needs for Roof Coating Projects
Part 3: Common Roof Coating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Part 4: Spotlight on Roof Coating Manufacturers Association

General Pipe Cleaners
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