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Stringent and Science-Based Third-Party Certifications

September 2014 - Green

How can facility managers determine which third-party green certifications are stringent and science-based? Is there a way to identify the “standards of the standards”?

There are a couple of ways that this can be done. Make sure that the standard is easily accessible and that you can review it. Does it ever seem like you have to jump through many hoops in order to access and review the standard? That might tell you that it isn’t the best standard to use. Is the standard distributed for public comment?  If so, then the developing organization is stating that they want as much expertise involved as possible. Finally, in the code world we have a defined term: “approved agency" — it basically means use the people that you know and trust. If you know that on past projects a particular organization’s standards have helped make sure that your building is safer from fire, electrical and structural issues, then check with them to see if they are working on standards in any new realm that you may be entering.

Answers provided by Josh Jacobs, Technical Information and Public Affairs Manager, UL Environment.


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