Advances in Product Standards and Green Certifications

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What are some recent advances or news in regards to product standards and certifications facility managers should be aware of?

Two of them come to mind in the sustainable and health world. The first is that we are starting to move from single attribute purchasing requirements – recycled content, low-emissions, bio-based, etc. — to a desire for a more complete and multi-attribute assessment of the products purchased. These multi-attribute standards look at products in very much the same way that sustainable rating systems look at buildings. They have prerequisites and potential credit criteria across the life cycle of a product — product design, material selection, energy and water used during manufacturing, optimization of material resources, protection of air resources, performance, human health, and end of life management. The second bit is more personal:  two of the most utilized and respected certifications in sustainable purchasing have had a name/brand change. GREENGUARD has become UL GREENGUARD, and EcoLogo has become UL ECOLOGO. Make sure to check out the tens of thousands of certified products at our free online Sustainable Product Guide.

Answers provided by Josh Jacobs, Technical Information and Public Affairs Manager, UL Environment.

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