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Part 1: Building Operating Management's 2013 Top Products Award

Building Operating Management's 2013 Top Products Award

January 2013 - Facilities Management

The Building Operating Management Top Products award-winners were selected by an e-mail ballot to the facilities professionals who receive the print and online editions of the magazine, attend in-person and online events, and subscribe to e-newsletters. A total of 560 products appeared in the magazine or online on between Oct. 1, 2011 and Sept. 30, 2012. Readers were asked to select their choices for Top Products that met the criteria of innovation and usefulness to facility managers. Based on reader votes, 78 products were selected as Top Products.

Products Air Handler
Innovent Air Handling Equipment
R-Series replaces aging 20-ton and larger units...  more»

Products Sensor Faucet
T&S Brass & Bronze Works Inc.
EC-3122 keeps all features above deck...  more»

Fluorescent Lighting Retrofit System
Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Zipline uses an integrated ballast and lampholder...  more»

Products Power Meter
Dent Instruments Inc.
ELITEpro SP offers Bluetooth an...  more»

Products Wireless Energy Management System
Siemens Industry Inc.
EcoView is designed for small-box retail facilities...  more»

Roofing Membrane
Carlisle SynTec
Sure-Flex PVC KEE membrane compounded with Elvaloy KEE (Ketone Ethylene Ester)...  more»

Products Carpet Tile
Shaw Contract Group
DyeLab modular carpet reinterprets ancient wash and dye techniques...  more»

Energy Recovery System
Innovent Air Handling Equipment
Innovent energy recovery systems recapture energy ...  more»

Products Lavatory
Bradley Corp.
Terreon Deep Well Lavatory is designed to minimize splashing...  more»

Energy Management Software
Energy AnalytiX version 10.7 monitors and analyzes energy cost...  more»

Products Ventilation Unit
Reznor/Thomas & Betts
The Reznor Z Series hybrid ventilation unit integrates...  more»

Products Energy Savings Calculator
Yaskawa America Inc.
The HVAC Energy Savings Predictor...  more»

Products Ceiling Panel
Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls
Optima Plank Ceiling Systems have a noise reduction coefficient...  more»

Products Building Management System
Honeywell Building Solutions
ComfortPoint Open for HVAC management has an intuitive user interface...  more»

Products Boiler
AERCO International, Inc.
The Benchmark 3000 boiler features 15:1 turndown...  more»

Products Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch
Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.
Maestro dual voltage switch works with all bulb types...  more»

Multi-zone Air Conditioner
Quietside Corp.
The Samsung Free Joint Multi allows 2, 3 or 4 zones to be connected to a single outdoor unit...  more»

Thermal-Energy Storage Tanks
Icebank thermal-energy storage tanks contain a spiral-wound...  more»

Energy Management System
Incenergy LLC
The Building Portfolio EMS features wireless temperature and lighting control...  more»

Air Handler
Carrier Corp.
The staged air volume (SAV) system utilizes a variable-frequency drive...  more»

LED Floodlight
Maxlite Inc.
LED Flood Lights featuring integral LED drivers...  more»

Products Security Camera
The IQeye 7 Series is a multi-megapixel H.264 main profile indoor camera...  more»

Products Energy Dashboard
QA Graphics
Data Manager, version 3.0, a component of the Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard...  more»

Products LED Downlight
Lighting Science Group Corp.
The 9.5-watt Glimpse LED downlight mimics the lumen output...  more»

Products Occupancy Sensor
Acuity Brands Lighting
The Sensor Switch WSD NGX (Neutral/Ground Exchangeable) wall switch sensor...  more»

Products Lamp Crusher
Air Cycle Corp.
The CFL Premium Bulb Eater crushes up to 3,000 compact fluorescent lamps...  more»

Products Fire Alarm And Emergency Communications System
Silent Knight by Honeywell
Farenhyt ECS (Emergency Communications System) includes customizable switches...  more»

Products Wireless Extension
The AZW-5000 wireless extension for BACnet networks uses mesh networking topology...  more»

Products Security Camera
The V17XX Series 5- and 10- megapixel cameras use a single multi-megapixel...  more»

Products LED Bulb
LEDtronics Inc.
The BF3126 and BF3127 Series of sunlight-visible...  more»

Products Building Controller
Reliable Controls Corp.
The MACH-ProZone features up to eight universal inputs...  more»

Exterior Paint
Kelly-Moore Paint Co. Inc.
Enviro Coat Reflective 1545 paint deflects a portion of the sun's radiant heat...  more»

Products Energy Meter
Continental Control Systems LLC
The WattNode BACnet meter (MS/TP) provides line-powered single-...  more»

Products Toilet System
American Standard Brands
The 1.1 gpf FloWise system high-efficiency flush valves are paired...  more»

Products Dry Erase Paint
Rust-Oleum Corp.
Rust-Oleum Professional Dry Erase Paint creates a writeable...  more»

Products Interior Paint
PPG - Pittsburgh Paints
Speedhide zero low odor interior paint contains no ethylene glycol...  more»

Products Energy Recovery Ventilator
Carrier Corp.
The EnergyX system pre-conditions outdoor air before it enters...  more»

Products Interior Paint
Benjamin Moore & Co.
Ultra Spec 500 zero-VOC acrylic interior paint has a fast-drying formulation...  more»

Mass Notification System
Cooper Notification
Roam Secure Alert Network 6.6 features Location-Based Services (LBS)...  more»

Products LED Floodlight
RAB Lighting
FXLED78 is a 78-Watt LED replacement for 250-Watt metal halide floodlight...  more»

Products Lighting Controls
Touché Lighting Control (ESI Ventures)
Touché, a touch-screen building management and lighting control system...  more»

Aggreko LLC
The company offers rental power ranging from temporary site power...  more»

Products LED Downlights
Juno Lighting Group
The Juno Generation 3 LED Downlights Series...  more»

Products Generator Set
Cummins Power Generation
Diesel-powered generator sets can start and assume load...  more»

Products Air Filter
Dynamic Air Quality Solutions
Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System provides MERV 13-16...  more»

Products Smart Meters
The Smart Meter Class 3200, 3400, 5000 and Green Class Net Meter...  more»

Products Light Shelf
Hunter Douglas Contract
BrightShelf light shelf system  more»

Products Emergency Light Control
Cooper Controls
The Cooper Emergency Power Control (CEPC) for Greengate and iLumin Lighting Control Systems...  more»

Products Emergency Light
Hubbell Lighting Inc.
Dual-Lite EV LED Series emergency light...  more»

Products Permeable Paving
The PaveDrain System permeable articulating concrete bloc...  more»

Products Infrared Camera
FLIR Systems Inc.
The FLIR E30 has 160x120 IR resolution coupled...  more»

Products HVAC Controls
Mitsubishi Electric and Electronics USA, Inc. HVAC
The PAR-30MAAU remote controller can control up to 16 indoor units...  more»

Access Control System
HID Global
The Edge Solo is a stand-alone, single-door...  more»

Products Wind Power Turbine
Earthwise Environmental Inc.
GreenCycle Wind recaptures exhaust air produced by mechanical...  more»

Products Wireless Lock
Aperio global wireless lock technology uses local wireless communication...  more»

Products Highbay LED Fixtures
Digital Lumens
Highbay LED Fixtures with integrated daylight harvesting sensors...  more»

Products Urinal
The Ultra High-Efficiency 1/8-Gallon Urinal uses 1/8 gallon per flush...  more»

Building Automation Controllers
SCL Elements Inc.
CAN2GO Universal and VAV controllers, as well as the GW2 gateway...  more»

Lighting Controls
Adura Technologies
Lighting control system is a wireless mesh network that uses IEEE 802.15.4...  more»

Products Daylighting Controls
Hubbell Building Automation
Zone5 Daylight Harvesting Control System provides one to four rows of daylight dimming...  more»

Products Occupancy Sensors
Encelium Technologies Inc.
The company's family of low-voltage occupancy sensors includes...  more»

Products Lighting Controls
NetLight Switch controls scene selections from one device...  more»

Products Emergency Lighting Controls
Philips Emergency Lighting
Bodine BLCD-20B Control Unit permits lighting control devices...  more»

Products Energy Monitoring System
Cooper Controls
Venergy Advanced Metering System includes a Web-hosted data system...  more»

Variable-Speed Drive
GE Energy Industrial Solutions
GE's AF-600 F11 Redundant Drive for fan and pump applications...  more»

Products Lighting Controls
Redwood Systems
Commercial lighting control network has a built-in building intelligence platform...  more»

Products Lighting Controls
Daintree Networks Inc.
ControlScope 2.0 wireless lighting control platform capabilities include...  more»

Energy Management Solution
Schneider Electric
EcoStruxure can now address energy use from IT/IP assets...  more»

Products Daylighting Sensors
LMLS-400 and LMLS-500 daylighting sensors for switching or dimming applications...  more»

Products Security Camera
Bosch Power Tools and Accessories
Dinion HD 1080p Day/Night IP two megapixel cameras...  more»

Products Waste Paint Hardener
Glidden Professional Waste Paint Hardener uses coagulation technology...  more»

Products Energy Efficiency Package
Johnson Controls Inc.
Panoptix is built on cloud-hosted platform and services...  more»

Products Submeter
Badger Meter Inc.
The Data Industrial 340 BN/MB Btu Energy Transmitter for applications that use BACnet...  more»

Roof Coating
Sika Sarnafil Inc.
Sikacoat can be used over existing single ply roofing membranes...  more»

Recycling Stations
CleanRiver Recycling Solutions
Transition TRH Series Configurable Recycling and Waste Stations use stream-specific...  more»

Products Energy Management Software
Serious Energy Inc.
SeriousEnergy Manager 3.1 shows all the performance anomalies identified by platform analytics...  more»

Products LED Bollards
Sentry Electric LLC
LED Bollards are available in a range of color temperatures...  more»

Products Building Automation System
Tracer ES now integrates with Tracer SC...  more»

Products Premium Plus Ultra
BEHR Process Corp.
Premium Plus Ultra paint-and-primer interior and exterior paints...  more»

Top Products

Part 1: Building Operating Management's 2013 Top Products Award


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