Sean Ahrens, CPP, BSCP, CSC
Practice Leader/Manager - Security Consulting and Design Services
Aon Global Risk Consulting

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    • A security professional with over nineteen years of achievement, Sean's current focus is on the development and administration of cost effective security programs that reduce security exposures within domestic and international markets. His security projects include the University of Chicago Hospital, Lotte Super Tower, South Korea, John Hopkins Hospitals and several metropolitan transportation systems.

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Casey Laughman
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If there's anything to be learned from tragic workplace violence incidents, it is that these events can — and do — happen anywhere.

So how can an organization prepare for the unpredictable? And what can you do to mitigate the risk and minimize the potential personal and business losses that can result?

You are invited to attend for a thorough discussion of how your facility should prepare for the potential of workplace violence. Lead by Sean Ahrens, Practice Leader/Manager - Security Consulting and Design Services, Aon Global Risk Consulting, this webcast will take you on a deep dive into the causes and effects of workplace violence. It will also provide insights into how your organization can anticipate and protect against these incidents from occurring in your own facility.

During this webcast, you will learn how to play a key role in minimizing the occurrence of workplace violence through proactive planning, communication and risk reduction strategies, and effectively stabilize the situation in the event of a violent outbreak at the workplace.

key takeaways for you include:

  • A review of workplace violence statistics and what they mean for commercial buildings
  • How to evaluate what is at stake during a workplace assault
  • Key legislative changes and emerging standards that can impact a facility's workplace violence prevention plan
  • How to minimize the occurrence of workplace violence

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Can't attend?

This exclusive webcast will be available on-demand after June 13.