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Using Our Content On Your Site, Reprinting Articles and RSS Feeds

Reprinting whole articles from the FacilitiesNet website or from Building Operating Management and Facility Facility Maintenance Decisions magazines is strictly prohibited. For more information see our copyright page.
We do allow other sites to put our content on their site or in their email if they follow the following guidelines when doing so.

Allowed Format
Using our headline and first 500 characters for content over 5,000 characters or one eigth of the total body copy if the body copy is less than 5,000 characters is allowed.

Under the headline on your site you must link back to the specific content page on our site using our page headline. This should be followed by our site brand which should link back to our home page like this example below:

Sealing In Energy Savings

   From: Insulation: Sealing In Energy Savings, FacilitiesNet

If the content is from Building Operating Management or Facility Maintenance Decisions you can, alternatively, use those names instead of FacilitiesNet and link back to the respective landing page like below.
From: Insulation: Sealing In Energy Savings, Facility Maintenance Decisions

RSS Feeds
We provide RSS feeds of many of our content areas on the site. We allow full use of any of our rss feeds on other websites. You can use the rss feeds on your site for continually updated facilities and maintenance management content on your site.
Here is a list of the facilities management rss feeds we provide. We also provide rss feeds specific to keywords on our site. See our list of facilities keywords for topic areas.
Click on the topic page you're interested in and the rss feed is listed on that page. Here is a sample feed for LEED.

Obtaining Special Usage Permission
You can call and inquire about obtaining special reprint permission for the full version of our content.
We will at times allow authors, interviewees and sources to reprint full articles on a case by case basis.
In those cases the above usage format must be followed for referencing our site online and linking back.
For general FacilitiesNet content or content from the Building Operating Management brand please call Ed Sullivan at 414-228-7701 x451
For content from the Facility Facility Maintenance Decisions brand please call Dan Hounsell at 414-228-7701 x475

Print Reprints and Purchasing Online and Email Full-Article Reprints
To inquire about purchasing print reprints of an online or magazine article contact Jon Warner at 414-228-7701 x533
To inquire about purchasing content for full useage online please contact Brad Ehlert at 414-228-7701 x471