Hope's Windows Hurricane Pivot Doors Pass Wind Tests

These hurricane pivot doors are now certified for use within hurricane and impact zones.   March 3, 2023

By FacilitiesNet Staff

Hope’s Windows Inc. has revealed that its Jamestown175 Series hurricane pivot doors have passed stringent wind tests and are certified for use within hurricane and impact zones. The doors adhere to Miami-Dade County, Florida Building Code (FBC) and High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) standards. 

The Jamestown175 Series include massive 6-foot wide by 11-foot-tall single panel doors; time-tested solid, hot-rolled steel, ultra-thin sightlines, and Hope’s Power of 5 Finishing System. The doors are tested for TAS-201 (large missile impact), TAS-202 (structural), TAS-203 (cyclic load), air infiltration, water and design pressure of +/- 60 per square foot. 

Pivot doors similar to those recently tested are featured in numerous residential and commercial properties throughout North America. 


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