Stormwater Notices of Violation – How to Respond, Act, and Prevent

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Stormwater compliance is not optional, and when ignored, an owner or property manager could face costly fines until the violation is corrected. This webinar will discuss an overview of stormwater management Notices of Violation (NOVs), including the reasons stormwater NOVs are issued, who issues them, and what to do to ensure your property never receives a stormwater NOV in the future. With the proper programs, you can learn how to avoid costly fines and minimize environmental liability.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn about common stormwater violations that lead to an NOV.
• Discover how to address an NOV – including how to respond, what steps to take, and what penalties you could face if not addressed.
• Finally, learn about preventive measures to ensure that an NOV will never be issued at your property or a property you manage ever again.

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