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Mobile CMMS Delivers Benefits for Facility Maintenance Managers on the Move

Part one of a 4-part article on the benefits of mobile CMMS

Maintenance is on the move more than ever. Institutional and commercial facilities have been talking about intelligent and smart buildings for three decades. Those smarts now extend to the smart phones and tablets technicians increasingly are taking into the field. Developers of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) are rolling out mobile apps for their software, offering technicians the ability to remotely access data, work orders, and other resources.

Equipment manufacturers also are introducing apps for use in monitoring and controlling their products. As a result, managers must make smart decisions about the best ways to equip their technicians with the software and hardware necessary to make the most of their investments in new-generation software. For some of the managers who have led their departments down the mobile path, the benefits have been tangible and important.

“We’ve changed the culture,” says David White, manager of CMMS and work management with the University of Denver. “Our university technology folks have seen what we’re doing and decided that might be what they need to do for some of the graduate programs that have iPads included in the curriculum. So I feel like once again, facilities is leading the technology initiatives here at the university.”

Find out what CMMS developers have to say about the benefits and challenges of implementing mobile CMMS software, as well as a list of vendors of computerized maintenance management system software.

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Mobile CMMS Delivers Benefits for Facility Maintenance Managers on the Move

Software, Hardware Options Expand Mobile CMMS Opportunities

Moving to Mobile CMMS can Present Challenges

Going Mobile With CMMS Offers Many Benefits

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