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24/7 Systems Inc.
1998/ Variable Windows desktop/ Windows Explorer browser SQL server Asset reliability management; condition management; equipment management; repair tracker; rounds logging
AssetPoint LLC
TabWare Xi, TabWare EFx
1996/ Tiered pricing available, depending on number of users
Application server: 4 GHz processor, 4 GB memory, 200 GB hard disk
Database server: Same as application server; disk requirements depend on database size/ Microsoft Windows XP or Vista for work stations. Microsoft IIS for Web server.
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later; Oracle 10g Equipment history; equipment hierarchy; warranty management; work orders; PM module; Web work request; event-tracking; work planning and scheduling; inventory management; multiple warehousing; cycle counting; bar coding; requisitions; purchasing; e-commerce; receiving; mobile maintenance; mobile inventory; resource management; process automation; systems integration; engineering content management
Benchmate Systems Inc.
1985/ Single user: $1,995; Five users: $2,995-$8,995 Pentium II at 265 MHz or greater; 25 MB free disk space for program; 25-150 MB for database/ Windows XP Professional or 2000; Vista 264 MB RAM; 5 MB RAM for software C-tree database library by Faircom Corp. Equipment; work orders; preventive maintenance; trouble calls; service log; spare parts; bar coding; lockout/tagout; inventory and purchasing; reporting
Building Engines Inc.
Building Engines
2001/ Annual, open license; actual price varies based on deployment size, scope and type Internet connection and browser via PC, Mac or hand-held device/ Java Oracle Work-order service requests; preventive maintenance; project tracking; vendor portal; certificate of insurance; incident reporting; broadcast messaging; fire and life safety; event and group management; document management; visitor pre-clearance and security communications; reporting
Business Integration Group, Inc.
1998 / Varies depending on modules and number of users Internet Browser/Hosted Solution
Oracle /SQL Facility Center (Demand & Planned Maintenance Mgt), Portfolio Center (Lease Mgt), Occupancy Center (Space Mgt), Project Center (Project Mgt), Green Center (Sustainability Mgt) and Professional Services (24X7 Help Desk , Drawing Management, Lease Administration, etc.)
CyberMetrics Corp.
1998/ Web server starting at $5,999; desktop $1,349; hosted service starting at $99 per month Standard configurations apply/ Windows XP or Vista; Windows server MS SQL Server Desktop maintenance management; Web-based enterprise asset management; PDA/bar-code label ready
1995/ Depends on number of users For one user: Pentium 166 MHz; 128 MB of memory; 80 MB free disk space/Windows Microsoft Access Inventory; assets; purchasing; work orders; resources; scheduling; time cards; reports
Eagle Technology Inc.
ProTeus Professional and ProTeus Enterprise
1999/ $5,000-$35,000 Vary/ Windows SQL Server Express; SQL Server 2000-2005 All integrated
EPAC Software Technologies Inc.
1999/ Starts at $1,295 for single user Workstation: 800 MHz or above; 256 MB RAM
Server: 2 GHz or above; 1 GB storage; Internet access/Windows 2000/200 Server/Me/2003 Server/XP/Vista
Access; MS SQL server; Oracle Asset managemnet; preventive maintenance; work orders; inventory; purchasing. Add-ons: Request manager; work-order approval; purchase-order appoval; multi-site licences, mobile solutions for work orders and inventory.
Equipsoft Eagle LLC
2004/ Software as a Service (SaaS): $2,500 plus hosting fee
Purchase: $5,995 plus support fee
Microsoft Server/Windows SQL Server Completely integrated
Facility Wizard Software
1996/ Software systems from $5,000; hosted SaaS from $150 per month Windows 2003 server or newer; 1 GB RAM; 80 GB hard drive; MS IIS/ Windows XP/Vista;
Mac OS X
FileMaker Pro 9 with live connectivity to SQL Work order, asset and parts management; preventive maintenance; e-mail notifications; reports; active directory pass-through authentication
Mainstream Software Inc.
1995/ Licenses: $175 per month hosted; $2,000 client server
Windows 2003 server or newer; Xeon-class processor(s) or better recommended; MS IIS version 5 or higher; 2 GB RAM; 20 GB free disk space /Server: Windows 2003 server or newer
Client: Windows 2000 or XP
MS SQL Server 2000 or 2005 Deployment options: Hosted; client server; multi-lingual
Functionality: Work-order management; preventive maintenance; dispatch; assets; inventory; refrigeration; vendors; technicians; invoicing; inspections; escalations; reporting; mobile solutions
Manhattan Software Inc.
1998/ Varies depending on modules and number of users Internet browser/Hosted solution SQL; Oracle on hosting server Space management; operations; lease management
Mapcon Technologies Inc.
Mapcon Lite
2001/ $495
PC or standard Windows server/ Windows Paradox SQL compliant Integrated security; work requests; work orders; human resources and time cards; equipment management; failure analysis; purchase requisitions and orders; safety procedures; calibrations
NetFacilities Inc.
NetFacilities (web-based)
2003/ Varies based on
number of property sites
Internet and Internet Explorer/ Windows preferred; Web-based system with no software installation required SQL on .NET framework Work-order management; labor and materials tracking; asset/equipment management; preventive maintenance scheduling; vendor management/collaboration; inventory management; reports; dashboard view
Phoenix Data Systems Inc.
1988/ Starting at $2,875 Server: Dual Intel Xeon processors; 2.8 GHz; 2 GB RAM; 3 or more 36-GB SCSI hard drives; CD-ROM
Client: 2.2 GHz processor; 512 MB of DDR SDRAM; 20 GB hard drive; CD-ROM/Server: Windows 2000 or 2003 server
Client: Windows XP Professional; Windows 2000 Professional
MS SQL Server 2000 or higher Included: Administration/security; data managers; work orders; equipment; labor productivity; customer service
Optional: Archive; advanced PM scheduling; contracts management; inspection template; parts inventory
Techs4Biz Corp.
1999/ $2,500-$250,000 No specific hardware
limitations/ Pervidi SaaS: Any
Internet browser
Pervidi Startup: Any Windows desktop
Pervidi Enterprise:
Windows Server 2003+
MS SQL Server 2000 or higher Asset management; preventive maintenance; work orders; parts inventory; PDA add-on; Web browser; remote access; alerts and reminders
TMA Systems LLC
1988/ Client-hosted: $7,000-$150,000+
SaaS: $2,000-$20,000+ annually
Server: Pentium 4 or better
Client: Pentium 4 or better/ Server: Windows 2000 or 2003; Mac OS X
Client: Windows 2000, XP or Vista; Mac OS X
Oracle or MS SQL Work-order management; preventive maintenance; materials/inventory management; project management; asset management; fleet management; room inspections; mobile solutions; utility management; space management

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