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Facilities Management Certificate

UC San Diego Extension's Professional Certificate in Facilities Management offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to make effective and sustainable facilities management decisions that enhance their facility and services and reduce costs. Explore the most current strategies and issues in the industry today, including sustainability and productivity. Take home tips from the experts in the field that are immediately applicable at work.

UCSD Extension's electives in sustainability help facilities managers identify ways to use resources efficiently and create healthy work spaces where workers are more productive. Learn practical energy management solutions, approaches to recycling and waste management, and life cycle costing strategies that improve sustainability.

The Facilities Management program includes 11 required units and a choice of 15 elective units. Principles of Facilities Management (BUSA-40063) is strongly recommended as a perquisite to other facilities and sustainability courses. The program can be completed in approximately two years, taking one course per quarter.

The Professional Certificate in Facilities Management includes courses that address all nine competency areas recognized by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA):

  • Planning & Project Management
  • Real Estate
  • Leadership & Management
  • Finance
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Quality Assessment & Innovation
  • Human & Environmental Factors
  • Communication
  • Technology

Required Courses (All 3 courses are required.)

  • Principles of Facilities Management -OR- Principles of Facilities Management (Online)
  • Planning & Project Management for Facilities Managers
  • Real Estate Property Management

Elective Courses (Complete at least 15 units, including 6 units of Facilities Management electives)

Facilities Management Electives

  • Building Systems & Technology
  • Corporate Properties & Real Property Assets
  • Facilities Operations & Maintenance
  • HVAC Systems Design
  • Human, Safety & Environmental Impact on Facilities Management -OR- Human, Safety & Environmental Impact on Facilities Management (Online)
  • Sustainable Facility Design & Space Planning

Sustainability Electives

  • Introduction to Sustainability -OR- Introduction to Sustainability (Online)
  • Environmental Economics: Evaluating the Impact of Sustainable Practices -OR- Environmental Economics: Evaluating the Impact of Sustainable Practices (Online)
  • Recycling, Water, and Waste Management
  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Renewable Energy Resources -OR- Renewable Energy Resources (Online)

Business Electives

  • Business Communication Skills
  • Financial Accounting for Non-Accountants
  • Business Law for Managers -OR- Business Law for Managers (Online)
  • Interest-Based Negotiation -OR- Interest-Based Negotiation (Online)
  • Managing for Maximum Performance

Other Courses of Interest

  • HVAC DDC System Design
  • Business Decision Making -OR- Business Decision Making (Online)
  • Integrating Sustainability into Business Strategies

Certificate registration is required to complete the program. Candidates are encouraged to register in the certificate program as early as possible to take advantage of program benefits.

Contact: Business & Professional Programs
Phone: 858/882-8020
E-mail: estiles@ucsd.edu