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The Appraisal Institute offers more than 60 years of experience and fosters the highest standards in the field of real estate appraisal. This experience and demand for excellence manifests itself in Appraisal Institute courses. The Appraisal Institute is committed to providing education that leads to the highest level of proficiency. To that end, a two-tier educational curriculum reminiscent of basic and graduate-level programs was designed. Level I and Level II courses are offered in both general and residential paths as described below.

Level I courses for both the general and residential paths provide a basic understanding of appraisal concepts and procedures in valuation. Successful completion of any Level I educational offering - i.e., attending at least 90% of the course and passing the examination - satisfies certification/licensing requirements for becoming a general or residential state certified appraiser in most states.

Level I courses and examinations teach and test students' understanding of the basic concepts and terminology as well as the analysis of "givens."

Level II courses are more advanced and application oriented. After a succinct review of techniques acquired in Level I, the techniques are expanded upon and different options, situations, and variables are presented. Level II exposes students to problem solving by using sophisticated analytical methods.

Because Level II courses and examinations are advanced, they are concept oriented rather than calculation/computation oriented. Students are tested on their ability to sift through the concepts presented during the course and choose the methodology for attaining the best answer. Finally, Level II courses and examinations are designed to equip appraisers with knowledge above and beyond the requirements for certification or licensing which will distinguish them from others in the appraisal field.

The Appraisal Institute confers the MAI (general) and the SRA (residential) designations upon successful completion of all the requirements set forth by the Admissions Department and listed on Appraisal Institute Designation Requirements.

If you are an entry-level appraiser, you can learn basic appraisal skills and seek state certification or licensure. If you are a state certified appraiser, you already satisfy the Appraisal Institute's Level I requirements for general designation. To build toward greater advancement and earning potential, we encourage you to apply for Appraisal Institute candidacy and pursue an MAI or SRA designation.

For experienced appraisers, continuing education is just as important as initial course work is for new appraisers. To meet your continuing education needs, the Appraisal Institute offers a comprehensive portfolio of seminars that will help you expand your skills and grow throughout your appraisal career. These seminars are listed below, including offerings on up-to-date topics such as limited appraisals and other appraisal reporting options.

For further information concerning professional designations, please contact the Appraisal Institute's Admissions Department at (312) 335-4100.

A wide variety of continuing education seminars is available for appraisers who wish to expand their professional expertise as well as satisfy state continuing education requirements. See below for a complete list of Continuing Education Seminars.

The Appraisal Institute has developed modular education programs for sale to educational providers. These programs can be offered by schools as educational courses that prepare individuals to meet state certification/licensing requirements. Information about these programs can be found in Modular Courses for State Certification and Licensing.

For further information concerning the educational programs of the Appraisal Institute, please e-mail us at the address below or call the national Education Department at (312) 335-4100.

Corporations, agencies, and groups interested in purchasing materials or presenting in-house versions of Appraisal Institute programs should contact the Product and Market Development Division of the Education Department at (312) 335-4234 or (312) 335-4208.