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Realcomm Conference Group is a global research and educational institution for the use of technology in commercial and corporate real estate. Realcomm produces international conferences and expositions, as well as local seminars, workshops, newsletters, a magazine, and other strategic services to educate industry professionals about the latest technology solutions to improve commercial real estate development, management, and operations. Realcomm was founded in 1999 with the goal of bringing industry leaders together to discuss, demonstrate, and debate the latest innovations that impact the industry.


Automated Business Solutions for Real Estate: Streamlining Processes for Maximum Efficiency 
New for 2009, this seminar explores the day-to-day business processes required to design, build, operate, transact, and use commercial and corporate real estate. Industry experts demonstrate the latest solutions for accounting, budgeting and forecasting, property management portals and dashboards, document management, automated lease creation, portfolio management, automated work orders, project management, and other business applications. Attendees see first-hand how Web-based applications and hosted services can streamline workflow, reduce expenses, and contribute to the bottom line. Learn how improving business processes can provide a competitive edge in today's real estate market.

Energy Efficient Buildings: "Green" Technology That Works 
New for 2009, this four-hour seminar brings together industry experts to discuss the latest technologies for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in buildings. With the fluctuating price of oil and increasing utility costs, building owners and operators need to incorporate intelligent building initiatives such as automated building systems, daylight harvesting, wireless sensors and controls, renewable sources of energy, and energy management software in order to remain competitive and profitable. Speakers present new, innovative solutions and case studies for "green," sustainable buildings as well as methods for establishing ROI on these new solutions. The seminar is designed as a "must-attend" for owners, developers, property managers, architects, facilities managers, engineers, system integrators, and consultants.

In-Building Wireless: Satisfying the Demand for Wireless Indoors 
As the usage of wireless devices continues to grow exponentially, building owners are faced with the challenges of supporting wireless communications inside their buildings. Whether it is cell phone coverage for tenants, reliable emergency communications, wireless building systems, or WiFi in the lobby, owners and operators need to know how wireless technologies will affect how they manage and operate their buildings. This seminar discusses the demand for wireless coverage indoors, provides an overview of wireless systems and technologies, highlights successful "wireless buildings," discusses global trends, and provides an analysis of estimated costs, value, and ROI.

Intelligent Buildings: Combining Technology with Improved Building Systems 
Today's "Intelligent Buildings" incorporate building automation, structured cabling, wireless systems and controls, remote operations, digital signage and touchscreen directories, flexible design, automated parking, and paperless business processes--all for an enhanced tenant experience and improved operating results. This fast-paced seminar takes attendees through the evolution of the "Intelligent Building," describes the components that define these projects, presents international case studies, and defines the methodology for establishing ROI. This course is designed as a "must-attend" primer for owners, developers, property managers, architects, facilities managers, engineers, system integrators, and consultants.