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Institute of Real Estate Management - Resource for Facility Managers


IREM has an extensive array of courses for every sort of real estate professional. Following is a listing of these courses. For information on course sites and dates, please visit the IREM web site at, or call toll free at 800-837-0706, ext. 4405.


  • 101 - Successful Site Management
      Improve your management skills, learn to market more strategically, improve leasing skills and resident retention, maintain and enhance your property's value.
  • 102 - Successful Site Management of Public and Assisted Housing
  • 103 - Successful Site Management for Public Housing Managers
  • 104 - Housing Management for Nonprofits

200-Series Courses

  • 201 - Introduction to Real Estate Management
  • 202 - Introduction to Apartment Management
  • 203 - Introduction to Commercial Property Management
      Topics include effective techniques for marketing and leasing, the fundamentals of good property maintenance, sound principles of lease administration, and how to develop emergency procedures.

300-Series Courses

  • 301 - Marketing and Management of Residential Property
  • 302 - Leasing and Management of Office Buildings
      Learn how to achieve owners' goals and objectives, enhance the value of your property, create and implement an aggressive marketing plan, establish a profitable rent structure, communicate with and motivate employees and tenants, inspect properties more effectively, and develop an emergency procedures plan. Home study is also an option.
  • 303 - Management and Leasing of Shopping Centers and Retail Space
      Learn how to accurately analyze trade areas for the greatest opportunities, optimize tenant mix, negotiate win-win leases, achieve owners' goals and objectives, enhance the value of your property, communicate with employees, understand and interpret financial statements.

400 Course

  • Managing Real Estate as an Investment
      Learn to measure leverage and risk, perform break-even analyses, calculate amortization rates on different types of loans, determine market and investment value using discounted cash flow analysis, forecast and prepare long-range management plans to ensure future success.

500 Course

  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making for Real Estate Managers
      Learn to maximize return on investment through effective management performance, strengthen your problem-solving and decision-making abilities, and improve your ability to present your analysis and recommendations more confidently.

700-Series Courses

  • 701 - Managing the Management Company
      Strengthen your strategic business planning processes, increase your understanding of your business's life cycle, analyze industry trends, set fees, negotiate contracts, and streamline your organizational structure.
  • 702 - Advanced Management Practices and Techniques
      Enhance your interpersonal skills, become a more effective delegator and decision-maker, motivate employees to increase productivity, and make more informed decisions about your firm's future.

800-Series Seminars

  • 800 - Ethics in Real Estate Management
  • 810 - Managing Housing for the Elderly
  • 815 - The ADA: What Real Estate Professionals Need to Do
  • 820 - Managing Single-Family Homes and Small Residential Properties
  • 830 - Before Disaster Strikes
  • 835 - Starting a Successful Recycling Program
  • 855 - Challenges of Community Association Management
  • 875 - Implementing an IREM SMART Partners Program